What is microgirl?

Hi!! My name is Aya! microgirl is the silly little webcomic I am making that is about Microsoft programs.. as.. very cute girls! However, this webpage includes other stuff about these characters as well that I thought would be fun to add. :-) These characters are very very special to me & I'm glad I have finally made a little corner online where I can talk allllllllll about them !!

I have been very fond of computers, ESPECIALLY Windows computers, for the longest time ! The oldest OS I have ever used was Vista . I loved a lot of the programs on there ... & one day it got me thinking HMMMMM what if I made these silly programs into silly girls!! & then I did!!! & that is how this project came to be! I hope you like everything I make here. If you don't, then thanks for reading anyway! (´・ω・`)

There are about readers of microgirl~!

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